Cocktail refers to a mixed drink having one or more alcoholic things mixed. The size of a cocktail is 3.5 to 4 Oz.The cocktail drink has the following features-

1)      Mixed drink having one or more alcoholic drinks

2)      The size should be between 3.5 to 4 Oz.

3)      Any drink more than 3.5 and 4 Oz is considered Long Drink or Mixed Drink

Mixed drink made without and alcohol is called mocktail or virgin cocktail.

Cocktails have the following components-

a)      Base

b)      Modifier

c)      Flavouring, Coloring and Sweetening Ingredient

d)      Garnish

Cocktails are used in any of the following methods according to the type of modifier used

Points to note while making a cocktail-

1)      There should be a clean supply of water and clean ice

2)      Do not reuse the ice. Use fresh glass and fresh ice for making drink

3)      When soda or any drink is poured in the glass pour within 1/2  to 1 inch rim.

4)      While serving the hot drinks rins the glass with warm water or place the metal spoon the glass before pouring the hot drink.


1)    mcktails are made by mixing two or more nonalcholic drinks

2)    these drinks are called as virgin cocktails or mocktails

3)    they are highly demanded by the teetotlers and health conscious people

4)    every bar win list has a good number of mocktails.

5)    A bartender may develop his/her own mocktails.

Basic bar setup

1)   Bar is licensed place which sells all kinds of alcoholic beverages customers.

2)   They can be operated as independent units or can be found in hotels, resorts, clubs, etc.

3)   The man function of bar is to serve the alcoholic drink in the appropriate glassware.

Typea of bar

1)   Pub

2)   Lounge bar

3)   Wine bar

4)   Cocktails bar

5)   Banquet bar

6)   Dispense bar

Part of bar

1)   The front bar: meeting points for the customers and the bartender.

2)   The Back Bar: located at the Back of the front counter

3)   The Under Bar: The area under the front bar on the bartender side