Food and beverage department plays a huge role to the profits of a hospitality Industry. This department gives its services without any tiredness so that the customers have a royal experience at the hotel.

All the hotels offering different types of food and beverage services to their guests in premises only so that a person doesn’t go outside in search of food. Almost all the hotels around the world are giving F&B services in a different way like having a multicuisine or specialty restaurants, coffee shops etc. and serving local food in the restaurant itself.  Guest travels a long way from their home and they search a place where all the services are available. Quality of F&B matters a lot as everyone want a healthy and hygienic food also people travel from different countries of the world so everyone has a different taste & preferences so it’s the responsibility of F&B department to identify the taste and preferences of their guest so they can prepare themselves in advance

Having a arrangement of refreshments after a meeting, conference, seminar, during a function creates a good impression of the organizer as well as hotel too. Like all other things of a hotel is important but the attributes of F&B is more important than these for example- a customer is having a loyal experience at the hotel but in the end there is some mistake with the F&B department than all his experience gone bad and he will give negative feedback about that, by this reputation of hotel will begin to decrease. F&B manager and head chef took the responsibility for serving quality food & drinks at the hotel. Customer will always share his experience with others of having quality food, drinks and professional stewards at the hotel and will have memorable stay over there.

Food and Beverage department perform various job roles-

  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Assistant Food & Beverage Manger
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Head Steward
  • Assistant Stewards

This department gives you an opportunity to identify guests mind, his taste and preferences and will establish a bond between too. There are many more opportunities available as there is demand for professional stewards in hospitality industry. Grabbing new work in this department can lead your life to the highest point.

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