As we can easily understand from the word food production department means the area where raw material is collected, combined and transformed into a dish, for guest or staff. This department is one of the major department of operations in growth & success of a hotel industry.

In hotel guest stay for period of time for spending their vacation so they want a hygienic and healthy food to eat. Different types of people come across in restaurant by identifying their taste and the area in which hotel is located chef prepares the food according to that only. This department also work freely didn’t take any stress for preparing the food a guest can ask any kind of cuisine at any time. Chef decides which cuisine has to be prepared in kitchen; sometimes chef prepares his special menu for a day also. Leisure guest want to experience other state food in hotel so the food production department takes in charge to give best services to its guest without a food production department a hotel cannot grow and reach to the success.

In a hotel there is one main big kitchen from where food is served in all the restaurants of the hotel but inside that kitchen is sub-divided into small kitchen areas like – Indian Kitchen, Continental Kitchen, South Indian Section, Tandoor etc.  Working in food production one can learn various cuisines of the world, learning how to set a menu for day etc. Although this department did not prepare food for their guest who is staying at the hotel only they also prepare food for the outside people also who wants to sit and have food or can take with them. It always enhances a good image of hotel to outsiders which will help in giving repeat business and generating more revenue to the hotel.

Various job roles are available in food production department. One of the main job role is to become a chef, candidate having interest in cooking or in confectionary can become a professional chef at any hotel, restaurant , catering also he/she can open his own restaurant, bakery or cafe in future. Someone should not waste their time at home if he/she is having passion towards cooking, this passion can take them to the highest achievement of their life.

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