Front Office, as we understood from the name front means anything or area which is the first visual thing or person comes in contact. Front office is called “nerve of the hotel” or “face of the hotel”. This place is located around the foyer or lobby area of a hotel which is visible to the guests, visitors etc. This is the area where guest comes in very first conversation about his stay.

Front office creates a business relationship between the hotel and guest. We always hear that “first impression is the last impression” whether it is in job, academics, interviews or marriage proposal etc. if you will give your 100%  in first meeting then the opposite person will attract and wants get back to you again & again as same as front office team also creates a healthy impression of their hotel though it does not depend upon how your lobby  looks like its ambience , decor , theme, furniture is so good but the way in which associates greet the guest their style of talking, walking their impressions matters a lot because a hotel is a place where a guest comes to spend their free time from their busy schedules so if  the team will not greet guests in a good way then the reputation of a hotel and the associates  will begin to loose, as we all know negative things spread faster than a positive thing. It the responsibility of Front office team to give their best hospitality services to guest so that he/she feels like prince/princess and home away from home.

Front office is one of the major department of a hotel because they maintain a detail database of guest information, guest services, guest taste & preferences etc and ensures guest satisfaction also they provide whole information of guest to other departments so that every department of hotel should give their best services. Front office functions include reservation, registration, check-in, check-out, guest services, business center, travel services etc.

A person can join the front office department by doing a hotel management degree or diploma. One who has quality of calmness, patience level is good, way of talking and grooming is good can easily work in this department, it’s not a tough role its same as we attend our guests at home. Many job roles are available in front office department –

  • Front office manager
  • Assistant Front office manager
  • Duty Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Guest Relation Executive
  • Telephone Operator
  • Concierge Supervisor
  • Cashier

You can fit in any of the above job role which is suitable for you. By giving your best you can easily grab opportunities, promotions and have a handsome salary packages all over the world.

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