Housekeeping department has a tagline “Creating a Home away from Home” whether it is guest or staff. Housekeeping takes responsibility to maintain standard of cleanliness, good hygiene, and quality of a hotel. Each and every hotel around the world, their first target is to keep their surroundings fresh, maintain proper hygiene, disinfected public areas, washrooms etc. to welcome their guests happily so that they feel that there is a value of money which he/she spending.

Like all other departments, Housekeeping also gives his best hospitality service to create a royal experience at the hotel for guest. None of the other things like- food quality, ambience, structure of hotel, attractive seating can equal to the happiness of a guest when he/she sees a area which is spotless free, neat, clean, disinfected, fresh air, positive surroundings, arranged room etc. Maintain a standard of cleanliness and arranging a room in proper way can give a customer loyal experience which helps in getting repeat business, revenue profits etc.

Housekeeping isn’t responsible for cleaning of the guest rooms only they look after the public areas, back areas, garden, amenities placement, decoration etc. though they not clean the dirty, untidy rooms they maintain a quality of rooms for show rounds also so if a guest wants to see the other rooms of the hotel they should be ready at time, hotel surroundings looks more attractive, fresh and it create a vibe of a palace which helps guest to have memorable stay and visit again in future.

Housekeeping department perform various job roles-

  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Assistant housekeeper
  • Guest Relation Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Room Attendant
  • Store Attendant
  • Horticulturist (head of gardening) etc.

A Candidate can do work as any of the above post the work of housekeeping its same as we do at our home we prepare room for our guest, cleans everything whether it is a bed or washroom so that guest doesn’t feel awkward, embarrassing, we have to prepare ourselves if we are working in housekeeping department we have to understand that the guest is not only hotel guest it’s our guest, it’s not a hotel room it’s our room by which others also feels like a family in hotel. Giving services not always create a business relationship between hotel and guest it create a genuine emotional bond between guest and staff after all we all are human beings and in future we will always remember these such small and cute things forever.

Housekeeping department is one of the major operations for running a hotel. It will always give its services in different way so that a hotel becomes one of the top and guests likely to visit again and again for every purpose.


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