In India we believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava” guest who come to our house, in function, in any of the professional meeting, conference, seminar, at hotel etc. he is the first priority of ours to make them feel comfortable, ensuring them that they are at their home only (home away from home). If a person knows how to deal with the guest, how to brighten their day after having a long journey then this is your best skill and opportunity to show your-self. We do this thing on our daily basis but we did not know our strength. Working on your skill in professional way can improve your life in better way

When we decide to do hotel management the very first thing is taught us that “guest is god and he is always right ” same thinking we towards our guest at home so when you become a hotelier it’s the responsibility of yours to greet the guest in pleasant way with smile and gesture. Some of the skill/qualities to provide a perfect guest welcome are:-

Perfect Grooming- First impression is the last impression this formula applies everywhere whether it is personal or professional.  Staff wearing a proper uniform, having name tags, proper groomed it can lead to high quality of work; it enables confidence in them as well as in work also. Arrival guest seeing staff in uniform will create a good impression about the hotel and employees also.

Eye to eye Contact- A hotelier welcomes guest by having eye to eye contact not staring them too much, you have to look traveler in good way without any judgment with a beautiful smile on your face that’s your hospitality service. Having a warm welcome at the front office can create a better guest experience during his entire stay.

Healthy Conversation- Starting a healthy conversation with guest like-asking questions about their journey, what plans they have while they’re visiting, their preferences etc. As people love to talk about themselves their life so this can give you a chance to create a better guest experience also it will help guest feel home right away.

Smile – A perfect pleasant smile by the hoteliers can give a guest a very warm welcome. Nothing can beat happiness than being greeted very politely after a long tired journey if someone asks – how are you? Is everything alright? It always gives a positive vibe.

Traditional Welcome- Welcome a guest in our country culture way can lead the guest experience very joyful. In India we welcome our guest by doing arti-tikka, giving garland and doing flower showering on our front doors. People from other countries feel very delighted and enthusiastic which helps them not to feel like they are from different country. In last we all are human beings.

So these are some of most valuable activities which anyone can perform only just you have to do some work on it. It’s a great opportunity to convert your personal skill or hobby into a professional skill of yours.

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