Hospitality industry is a place where people from different countries visit. So you have to prepare their country dishes also. Food production is the department which gives you opportunity to learn about international cuisine. This department is not a small place where you just cook only one cuisine of a particular state/city only.  This department is a wider area where main kitchen is divided into sub sections- Indian kitchen, Continental kitchen, Confectioner, tan-door etc. A person working in food production department will learn about different types of cuisines around the world. You don’t have to travel abroad to learn about international cuisine when everything is here in your own country.  Chefs bring each and every international cuisine to one kitchen.

At our home we just learn about basic cutting-chopping skills, basic masalas, their preparations etc. We only prepare our day to day food only, we don’t get a time to prepare dish out of our comfort zone but in hospitality industry you will get opportunity to learn cuisines from other countries and convert your cooking skills into a professional way under the guidance of experienced chef. One will learn about cuisines and menu like- French menu, continental menu, Indian menu, Thai menu, Japanese menu etc. Each menu of a particular country has its own special ingredients and style of cooking which you will learn in food production department. Each dish has its own serving style in which you upgrade your garnishing skills; you will see how chefs use different creative methods to garnish the dishes. You will get to know about different types of vegetables, masalas, breads, creams, soups, sauces with their derivatives, cooking method, baking style which we never used at our home, your knowledge will expand and you will think in broader way. Learning different types of cuisines will help you to prepare variety of starters, drinks, dishes, desserts etc. from your own innovative ideas also you will come in contact with foreigner guest to explain about the dish. Having a word with foreigner guest will increase your confidence level and the guest feels happy that you are preparing their country dishes here.


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