A Guest is like a god in Hospitality industry and as a Hotel Management Employee we should do our best to make the stay welcome and comfortable. A customer always books its room either before arriving or books at the time of arrival. There are a lot of steps in Guest Cycle which we will learn in this blog.

Introduction to guest cycle


There are five stages of guest cycle-


  1. Pre Arrival-In this guest a customer pre books a hotel via methods like online bookings, call or personal visit and his details are already inserted in the system. In this the rooms are already assigned to the customer prior and all the room amenities are prepared.


  1. Arrival- The arrival stage contains registration of the customer and assigning of rooms. As the customer arrives in the hotel he/she comes up first with the front office. Here the staff at front office makes the first impression about the hotel to the customers. It is the duty of front office to resolve all the queries of the customer and satisfy him/her. The staff should be able to give them details about the packages of his/her bookings and all the facilities in the hotel which the customer can enjoy.


  1. Occupancy- Now as the guest has occupied the hotel room now it is the duty of the front office to coordinate with the customer about its needs and resolve them. The staff at the front office should be a phone call away from the client. They should have answers to all his/her queries. They should also inform the customer about the services in the hotel which the customer can enjoy. The staff should be well behaved and mannered as if the customer is satisfied and happy from front office then the revenue of the hotel goes up.


  1. Departure- At the time of departure guest services aspects are complete. At departure the customer vacates the room, receives the final balance statement of the services he has used and pays the amount. It is the duty of the front office to make this process very smooth for the customer. The housekeeping staff should check the room before departure of the customer and after getting confirmation from them the front office staff should collect the keys and give them proper invoices and departure forms.
  1. After Departure- After the departure of the customer the front office staff should either create or update the guest history and have a record of him/her for future stays. The front office should update the status of the room to vacant in the hotel software and also in all the booking websites (if available). They should coordinate with the housekeeping staff for the cleaning of the room and make sure that if there is a near booking on the same room then the room is ready before the arrival of the customer. The staff should also follow up with the customer about his/her feedbacks during the stay so that the process is improved.

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