Catering industry is a very vast industry in both commercial and non commercial ways. There are a lot of industries which has permanent Food production department and requires employees. 


Five Star Hotels

Five star hotels have multiple restaurants such as ethnic Indian Restaurants, Bars, Chinese, Italian etc which serves the specialty. Food in these types of hotels is prepared by professionals but they also need multiple helping staffs. These restaurants are expensive.


Medium Class Hotels

They also have same setup but in a small quantity. They Have single restaurant and a bar which caters the services of the guests. The prices are low but still they also need multiple staffs.


Free Standing Restaurants

Often quite high class, offering good Ala Carte menus- service is usually of a high standard.


Snacks Bar

It is popular with the working public offering everyday fare, at very reasonable prices.


Fast Food Centers

The “eating out” of 80’s growing in popularity in India especially with the young, these restaurants offer fast, clean service at popular prices. Service is minimal and turnover is high.


Night Clubs

It usually situated only in larger cities and offering high-class entertainment with food.


Industrial Canteens

Industrial canteens are operated as a facility to staff in large factories or similar. Food of a high standard but managements working to tight budgets. Food cost is usually subsidized consequently staff pay minimal prices.


Institutional Catering

Usually, hospitals are serving high nutritional standards of food.


Airline Catering

A big business operation, serving good quality food in difficult and limited service areas. Competition is tough in this sector to maintain high standards.


Railway Catering

It is similar to airlines, and although this was a prestigious area of catering. The fifties to the seventies saw a gradual decline which fortunately is being rectified as the 80’s progress.


Outdoor catering

It is a growing industry within the industry. Many Service staff involved in these sometimes complicated operations.


Catering Industry is a very high job generating industry. Getting good education from a reputed institute will generate good chances for students to get high paid jobs. –

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