Any guest who comes at a hotel to stay comes with an understanding that his/her belongings will be safe in the room during his stay in the hotel. Not only are the luggage of the guest but also the assets of the hotel very important. Any hotel has multiple things which can be stolen by any person who comes in a hotel.  Hence it is very important that any hotel has proper security system to protect staff, guests and physical resources.

The security management covers the following

  • Guests: Protection from crimes such as theft, murders, physical abuse, attack from animals etc.
  • Staff: Safety lockers, health insurance, protective clothes, proper guidance to fire drills, safe stay, clean drinking water and food.
  • Guest Luggage: Secure luggage wardrobes in rooms with lock system, Proper Locker so that guest can keep their important documents and stuffs.
  • Hotel Equipment : Lifts, furniture, hair dryers, shampoos, bed sheets, bulbs, paintings etc. should be protected from guests and people coming in the hotel. There should be proper CCTV in the whole hotel so that proper checking can be done.
  • Protection of raw materials, groceries, food items. For this there should be proper storage systems as per the requirement and proper lock systems in the kitchen.

Proper guards should be there in hotels 24 hours checking the hotel. 

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