Indian Digital Academy of Skills (IDAS), Jaipur is an affiliated college of Rajasthan ILD Skill University (RISU)- The first Government Skill University of the country providing skill development training in Hospitality and Hotel Management.

National Skill Development Corporation also acknowledges us and concedes us as an excellent training provider or skilling partner.

IDAS is a Non-Profit organization under the banner of Swargiya Shree Manohar Laal Agarwal Charitable Trust and is solely committed to excellence in Skill Development in the field of Hospitality and Hotel Management. The college provides various Academic amenities so as to attain various Skill Development Courses in the field of Hospitality and Hote; Management. The institute aims at producing outstanding students who take on different careers, as per their academic merit, successfully in the society.

We provide 100% Placement Assistance and have tie ups with 5 Star Hotels all across India and globe. The State of the Art Institute equipped with the latest technology, paraphernalia of machinery gadgets, equipment and competent faculty resources make our education, deep and meaningful way.

We teach students about the four core pillars of Hospitality industry which are (1) Front Office, (2) Housekeeping (3) Food and Beverage Services and (4) Food Production. We have state of art laboratories containing equipments as per the norms of RISU.

The mission and vision proponed by IDAS is to lead through vision, strategy and policies and be able to make social impact by serving the changing needs of Hospitality and Hotel industry through training, education and skill development in the globalized economy.

To educate young generation on diminishing human values & ethics of our culture in the workplace scenario and improving the image of Paramedical and IT sector in general public so that it attracts young talent in joining it.

Driven by industry and created for Industry, the IDAS also focuses on providing wide range of services to the industry so the level of service quality could be raised higher plus the industry could be facilitated.

All the efforts are channelized towards attracting talented, bright, creative and young professionals into the industry. For the purpose the institution offers several courses as a career option that can be pursued. Our Academic portfolio consists of academic which includes 1 year Full Time Diploma (D Voc) and 3 Year Full Time Degree (B. Voc) in Hospitality and Hotel Management.

Our Vision

Global excellence in skill development

Our Mission

• To create opportunities and a conducive environment for skill development of Indian youth to make them globally employable
•To be a choice destination for skills education and research

Our Objective

To support, promote and undertake the advancement of quality skills education leading to Certificates, Diplomas, Advance Diplomas, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral and Post–doctoral degrees in different vocations


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Shalu Sharma

Faculty of Front Office and Housekeeping

Ritu Saini

Faculty of Food Production

Teeja Joshi

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